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Online Staffing & Recruiter Training

Want to become the best recruiter you can be and make even more money? Then you need the best recruiter training. You have come to the right site! Sign up now and you’ll get:

1The Secrets To Neil’s Success.

Neil was the Ex global President of Adecco and President and COO of Ajilon Professional Staffing-He simply will share with you what he learned and how you can replicate it! There is no other Recruiter Training like it!

“Neil was one of the most dynamic and motivational leaders and I have ever worked for. He taught me all that I know and has allowed me to live the dream”

2Great Recruiter Training Tips On Avoiding The Drudgery Of Cold Calling

Let’s face it. You hate to do it! So does everyone! Learn not only how to stand out when you have to do it, but how you can avoid it completely!

“I never thought I could run a successful desk without cold calling. Thank you, Neil. This recruiter training has changed almost everything that I do”

3A Plethora Of Free Staffing & Recruiter Training E-Books

Recruiter Training

Such great recruiter training topics, including: Mastering your time; Building a real system; Learning how to outsource your desk for more money and freedom; Turning your clients into “members” & much more!

“I have been following your recruiter training now for years. I love getting and reading your ebooks, because they are full one incredible tips and info and so fun to read! Don’t ever stop!”

4Awesome, Quick View Recruiter Training Videos

Most recruiter training videos are only five minutes long and get right to the core of your burning issues.  Recruiter training videos include: How to never negotiate perm fees again; Learning how to increase your margin and what’s been stopping you; Learning the most profound tip of Neil’s career-Laser prospecting and many more!

“Your Recruiter Training videos Rock! You crack me up and I find myself sounding like you more and more each week. Don’t worry, that’s a good thing!”

5Phenomenal LinkedIn Training Tips

A host of wonderful tips to increase your LinkedIn connections and make your network work for you.

“I have had tons of LinkedIn training. Simply put… AMAZING”

6Free, Incredible Full Length Webinars

A slew of free and incredible Recruiter Training Webinars that will only be announced to his subscribers. Learn all about the keys of Internet Marketing; Negotiations, Fatal Mistakes Of Independent Recruiters, How to Master the Temp Game and more and more..

“I have to say, I am used to watching webinars that are 90% commercials. I am amazed each time how much content that you pack into each session and not sure how you do them for free! “

7Latest Tips & Tricks Artcles

Regular articles and tips on using social media, recruiting better, sourcing better and much more. Comprehensive Recruiter Training!

“Your tips on how to better use job boards has completely changed my approach and has helped me close at least 3 more deals last quarter. THANK YOU!”

8Regular inspiration and motivation when you need it most!

Neil’s style is unique, fun and fresh! “nuff said!

“Neil is the Anthony Robbins Of The Staffing & Recruiting Industry”

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