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I graduated from Penn State in 1985 with a degree in accounting.  After joining the accounting firm of Ernst & Young, I worked hard to gain my CPA certification.  Soon after, I realized that being an accountant wasn’t in my cards. Nothing against all of the accountants out there, but I just HATED IT!!


I quickly skyrocketed to the top of the company, producing more than just about any rookie in the world.  I was then promoted to running this division in New York City.  My success continued and opportunity came knocking when I was offered a Branch Manager position in New Jersey. Well, New Jersey isn’t quite Manhattan, but I couldn’t pass it up.  I was actually quoted in the company newsletter that we had developed a “science” and a “system” that will put the New Jersey office on the map.  In less than a year, our office went from one of the lowest producing offices to one of the top!  I was promoted again to Area Manager and that is when I knew I was onto something substantial.

After a few years, in 1991, I was recruited by a great competitor that was taking the industry by storm (or hoping to). At the time they were a 50 million dollar business with approximately thirty business lines across the globe.  I was brought in with the promise that if I did half of what I did at my previous firm, and if I helped show them how I did it that I could literally write my own ticket.  The idea excited me, but to be honest, never in my wildest dreams did I think that ten years later, the company would have grown to 200 business lines and over $300 Million and that I would have become its President!  Through the years, I was instrumental in launching their permanent placement business and training & development areas. I was promoted to Area VP then to Regional VP then to SR VP then to Chief Operating Officer and then to President!  I took over thecompany in October 2001 as Chief Operating Officer and acting President.

For those of you who recall, this was in the height of a recession! Morale was AWFUL and sales were virtually non existent.  Except for getting creative with excessive cost cutting, we were close to losing money!  Turnover was through the roof and the company just seemed to have lost its soul.  I was confident that I could lead these people to greatness and restore our position in the both the marketplace & our global company ranking (the world’s LARGEST staffing & recruiting firm).  Well, suffice to say, we took our company from one of the lowest ranked business units in the world to THE VERY TOP!  The success was so astounding that the global executives all started sending people to the USA and to New Jersey to see what the heck we were doing. To say they were impressed was an understatement. So, after more than 5 years leading the helm, I was promoted yet again to the Global President of the business lines!   After the company had changed their focus and decided to eliminate the global lines, we had decided it was best for all of us to move on.  This brings me to you!

Training has always been an incredible passion for me , and as I told you, understanding the WHY & HOW about success.  Throughout my career, I have been a sought after expert for national publications (The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, just to name a few) and for major television shows (Bloomberg, CNN, ABC news, etc) Just Google my name if you want to see more.  I also became an inspirational and motivational speaker. I impacted thousands of colleagues and spoke at many industry related national conventions.  My seminars and sessions were so well received and rated (usually rated number one), that I was asked to Keynote at the National AICPA conference.

Since opening TheDynamicSale in March of 2009, I have become a world renowned speaker, trainer & consultant, having keynoted and spoken at just about every major national and local industry functions!

My FREE TRAINING program is currently being utilized by literally THOUSANDS

I am confident that my great experiences will help you massively!

Carpe Diem!

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