There is a TON of good of training material and Trainers in the Staffing Industry; however, The Xtreme Boot Camp and DVD training sets the bar for other training companies to follow. The content and the thechniques from the Neil/Tim combo is forward-thinking, fresh and delivered with energy and passion that you will only find with these guys. The knowledge base from both Neil and Tim is also incredible! I don’t know where else you can learn from former, top, global-Executives that are also career-long staffing professionals. The Boot Camp was inspiring (exactly what I needed as a veteran), motivating, and the DVD’s will be used to train all my new-hires and refresh all my industry veterans.” Steven Weincouff, Agency Owner

Neil possesses and uncanny ability to apply industry best practices !”

The Dynamic Sale  sets the bar for other training companies”

When an organization enlists the help of a “Trainer” or industry Subject Matter Expert one of two things will happen: upon conclusion of the session there will be utterances of wasted time and money among internal employees OR you will actually learn something. With Neil Lebovits you undeniably get the latter. Neil possesses an uncanny ability to apply industry best practices to real time situations. If you are able take just one aspect of a training session and apply it to your every day routine then it is considered a success. Well, after Neil’s training session your team/organization will have dozens of principles that can and should be applied! I would recommend Neil’s services if and only if you want to experience unparalleled levels of success!”  Lee Guidetti, Division Director

He is the most effective and charismatic trainer and mentor I have had.”

Neil is by far the best supervisor and mentor I had in my 20 year search career. His positive attitude, motivation level, and conviction for our industry is an example for all senior executives. Neil was originally my Regional Vice President where he was responsible for among other things, training on client management and selling techniques. He is the most effective and charismatic trainer and mentor I have had. I highly recommend him to any organization in any industry with a sales force to develop. His results were outstanding.” Dennis Salinas,President, VioSearch, Inc

A guru in our industry…Highly motivational.”

I consider Neil to be a guru in our industry. His “coaching” has been invaluable to my business. His training gets straight to the point with relevant techniques and ways to improve all facets of the Recruitment process. Aside from that, his training is highly motivational.” Guy Bojarsky, VP & Business Owner

..one of the most captivating speakers”

I have known Neil for over 10 years and have participated in several of his training sessions. Neil is one of the most captavating speakers I have ever heard. He uses a mix of his passion for the business, with his sharp wit and sense of humor. He is able to grab your attention and keep it through-out the whole training session. Recently, he has been instrumental to me in his social media training sessions; where I (and others) have been able to implement his training lesson and get IMMEDIATE results. I highly recommend Neil. A staffing industry GIANT!!” Paul Smith, Executive Recruiter

A Few Other Industry & Testimonials

I worked with Neil for many years and watched him rise through the organization. Neil is one of the most passionate leaders I have worked with and is extremely gifted as a trainer, presenter, and motivator. Neil was consistently rated as the best speaker and trainer at our national sales or training events, even when he was up against a “well known” industry expert who was hired for the event. Neil has a gift for communicating a vision or strategy in a manner that everyone can understand. If a company is looking for a speaker, trainer or consultant that can inspire and motivate there is no better choice than Neil.” David Adams, VP Training, Ajilon

.. He has the rare ability to see the big picture of an organization but also truly understands what it takes to create and sustain a “winning culture” that will produce the revenue results. Neil is one of the most charismatic and knowledgeable motivational speakers and trainers that I have witnessed in my professional career. His intelligence, sales knowledge and enthusiasm for the staffing industry are infectious at all levels of an organization. I have never seen someone make such a positive and immediate impact on an organization and have the ability to engage and motivate employees to perform and produce at high levels. He was instrumental in creating an innovative and interactive sales training program that produced some of the top sales professionals in the staffing industry. He is a dynamic communicator on both an individual and group level and always challenges and encourages people to perform at a high level of excellence. Every time my colleagues and I participated in Neil’s training sessions, we came away with better sales tools, knowledge and enthusiasm to do our jobs better and saw immediate sales results. Not only does Neil have an innate ability to quickly access the strengths and weaknesses of an organization, he also has the skills necessary to provide and communicate the right solutions needed to take a company to the next level. I highly recommend Neil if you are looking to train and invest in your employees’ development and increase your organization’s profits, especially in these challenging economic times. He is truly exceptional!”Michelle Baker, Director of Business Development, Pro-Tem Solutions

Neil is an excellent, charismatic communicator and presenter. His energetic, practical and humorous delivery of training always galvanized and motivated his audiences. He combines in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry with an ability to inspire people to action and transform their results. Neil is also a charismatic person who is an excellent leader for any business but is also immensely practical. He combines in-depth knowledge of the recruitment industry with his accountants head for figures. I had 17 years recruitment experience prior to reporting to Neil and still managed to learn a great deal from him on a day to day basis and in his training seminars. He has a rational, direct approach that achieved business goals whilst maintaining his sense of humor.” Philip Marks, Managing Director, UK, Huntress Finance

Neil has the greatest sense of humour of any accountant that I have ever known. That he can then ally a comedy element with a remarkable commercial knowledge and deliver presentations to audiences ranging from a dozen to 250, means he possesses a remarkable skill set. I been honoured to witness Neil’s presentations and various public speaking engagements over a ten year period. In that time I have always been thoroughly impressed with his delivery style and the message and have always noted the positive feeling of a his audience at the end. Without doubt, Neil’s presentation skills have helped him develop into a business leader of great substance so surely either the stage or politics beckon” Nicola Linkleter, Executive Director, UK, Badenoch and Clark

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