LinkedIn Talent Solutions The right candidate can make a huge impact on your business. Find the best talent with these 30 interview questions. More info @ Automated post from TheDynamicSale.Com – November 15, 2016 at 11:04PM

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Pain Avoidance Closing

I also will talk about one of the best ways to do this for our industry and that’s “Pain Avoidance”. People are massively motivated to avoid pain and people will avoid much MUCH faster then they will seek pleasure. So.. how do we use this to persuade our clients and candidates……… Emotions Simply put and […]

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Power Closing

The fact is that most of these will seem obvious and you know they work. You also will notice that most of these have somehow been sprinkled into various scripts or trainings that you have attended before. Now, you can see WHY they were put in there and WHY they work! I will show you […]

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RSS Feeds

RSS FEEDS What are they and why you need to set them up on your PC now! RSS feeds have been called the DVR of the web. In other words, you get to watch what you want to watch and when you want to watch all in one place, without surfing the channels. Rss feeds […]

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Negotiations- The Necessary Evil

What you hope to close the deal Well, it’s exciting that I am getting so many requests for help on negotiations!  So, I wanted to share some great and simple tips to get you BETTER at this “game”!  Now, you probably know my view on perm fees. THEY AREN’t really negotiations… Certainly not BEFORE the […]

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LinkedIn Maximization Tips

So, What’s your LinkedIn strategy?  It amazes me, yet again, how many recruiters out there aren’t either using LinkedIn or, even worse, use it a lot, but haven’t really thought about the right strategy to really maximize their returns.  Of course, for me to list all of the great tips, strategies and techniques would require […]

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