LinkedIn Xtreme Mastery Workshop Session 5

LinkedIn Sourcing Mastery

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VIDEO (click on the HD button for full screen)

How To Search and Source Like A Master

3 Hours


Why Recruiters must be different than other users

Examine the various approaches to sourcing

Mastering and really understanding Keywords and key tips to always use the right ones for laser targeted sourcing

Advanced Search in detail

Learn how to follow the behavior of your network to source like you have never before

Reference Search- How and why you need to use this tool

How to use InMail to source


Tricks to let the system to the heavy lifting

How to source by using the competition

See how critical is to source by “Employer”!

Using your team to maximize your reach

Understand LinkedIn’s Search Engine VS Google’s

Learning and using LinkedIn’s Search engine for hidden secrets and Search commands YOU NEVER KNEW, right inside of LinkedIn

Why to start with LinkedIn first and THEN use Google

How to use Google search to uncover millions of hidden gems inside of LinkedIn

Boolean Search Mini Mastery

Simple Boolean commands to master

MUST USE in-depth advanced Boolean Commands that will enable you to laser target like a master!

Sample IT pre-created advanced search strings

How to source with Pictures & Images only

Other key Sourcing tips and secrets

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