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Virtual University Temp Boot Camp

(We also offer Perm/Direct Hire Virtual Classes)

Need to get your people trained, but don’t have the budget??

Save Time!

No Travel Expense!

No Meal Expense!

No Hotel Expense!

No Transfers!

No Nothin’.. Other Than World Class Training right from your desk!

If you don’t have the budget for a live boot camp or training session, then this is the best solution for you.  No need to have information shoved at you over two days.. With my virtual Class, you or your team will work directly with me and will have the information, secrets and tools given to them over a five week period! That’s fifteen hours of training, plus allows them time to digest and work on each segment!

Classes will be very limited in size to allow for direct interaction! This isn’t a webinar series. This is a LIVE classroom, where I will be working directly with the class-Teaching, RolePlaying & Discussing!

Neil mastered the secrets to success in the business by learning the keys to any sales process.  Once Neil mastered “sales”, he worked for years to craft his art and learned to break all of the systems and processes down into their proven simple parts!  His training is fresh and unique.  Neil doesn’t rely upon scripts or confusing steps or acronyms to learn the business- Rather, he will teach you the psychology and sales concepts behind each process and then give you the tools and training that you need to explode your desk and make more money!  Neil’s process and teaching were so successful, that it catapulted his career from Division Manager to Branch Manager, Area Manager, Area VP, Regional VP, Senior VP, COO, President and finally global president for a $1 Billion division for the world’s largest Staffing & Recruiting firm.

This seminar is perfect for anybody who is involved in placing temporary or contract personnel!  Inside OR Outside Sales!  Rookies and New hires will learn the business the “right” way and veterans will learn new techniques and processes to really grow their books of business.  It will also cover a  “back to the basics” lesson unlike one that they ever heard before!

What if you could discover the secrets that helped him skyrocket?  What if you could learn how he enabled thousands of sales people to be amongst the top in the industry, using his proven techniques?

What if you could learn how to be the best in your branch and work a fraction of the time of your peers?

What if you could become indispensable to your manager or owner?

What if you could markedly improve your fill ratio and quality of assignment?

What if you could learn a “framework” and Sales Processes that can be applied to any situation on your desk?

What if you could quickly become the go-to person in your branch.. ensuring your future career?!

What if you could learn these systems and techniques from someone who has personally mastered how to TEACH others how to be the best!

What if you could learn how to be successful as part of a small branch? .. as a member of a larger branch?  What if you could learn this from someone who has trained around the globe and has been exposed to the best of the best in any situation?

What if you could learn from someone who was responsible for overseeing the training department of a world leader? A department that is world known for its state of the art teachings?

What if you can gain business knowledge and expertise from a Fortune 500 global executive at the same time?

What if you could be captivated for the entire seminar by a world leader who knows how to engage, entertain and inspire his audience?

What if you can wake up one day as a rookie or intermediate producer and wake up a few days later feeling as though you were now the expert?

What if these ideas and systems were EASY to implement- Void of all of the typical scripts and “processes” that are common in owner retreats or seminars.

What Neil has to share will pay for itself MANY times over!  There is simply NOBODY else out there who has his global experience, approach and wisdom.

Well, you guessed it.  You can! Check out our dates below and sign up before they sell out!

Neil has retired from his mega successful & lucrative corporate career in the staffing & recruiting industry.  He is pursuing his passion and dream to help teach others what has brought him wealth, joy and security.  He is done with the global travel and with the 9-5 grunt. As such, Neil will conduct only a handful of targeted seminars and enjoy the rest of the time with his family and friends.  So, act now. This is REALLY something that you don’t want to miss out on.

Topic Highlights (9 Sessions with over 13 hours of content)


  • Sales Mastery Overview Course
  • Sales meets the Staffing Industry- The Basics to be used for all processes
  • Where to find and develop new accounts- How quality can greatly decrease your quantity!
  • Territory Management and target planning- Learn how to source better for leads and use a database system to change thw way you work
  • Learn how to make MPT (Temp Skill Marketing calls) that REALLY get results and set you way apart from your competition
  • Candidate Interview detail dive- Learn how to get to the real hot buttons to maximize your margins!
  • Objection Handling Boot Camp- Learn the right way to handle objections and role play all of the biggies!!!!
  • Taking a Work order to create your excellence
  • Advanced Pricing & Margin Strategies that you never used!
  • Prepping, Briefing & Debriefing for the Temporary desk
  • Time Domination System
  • Sourcing & Recruiting Calls made easy!
  • and much much more.. Everything you need to be up and running on your desk!
Webinar Replay for all 15+ hours of classes!
Free PDF downloads for each session
Free Audio Downloads for each session
This is previously recorded. You can watch at your leisure for up to 2 months.
Obviously, there is no interaction, since it’s recorded

.. Neil is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers I have ever heard. I came to the staffing industry with only one year of experience under my belt 16 years ago. ..I was fortunate enough to have been thrown into weekly training sessions led by Neil. He encouraged and insisted on a ton of involvement and participation from the group.  He worked with us on “real time” issues and objections we were dealing with on a day to day basis and the results we produced as a team when we heeded his advice were astounding. .  Neil’s ability to present the material is really unlike any other trainer in the industry. Not only is Neil is so dynamic and passionate but has an amazing sense of humor and he absolutely utilizes it when presenting….you will not only learn a ton but you will be very entertained in the process.I attribute a huge part of my success as a recruiter to what I have learned from Neil”.    -Lynn Dimitro, Executive Recruiter

I can credit much of my success to [Neil’s] efforts. Neil is an expert on training and motivating people, most important, his approach is easily translated to a sales process that is easy to follow. Many trainers are full of good ideas and are good
speakers, Neil takes it to the next level by showing teams the way to win as part of their daily routine. Add to that that he is by far the best public speaker I have ever met and and you have a resource that can add value to any business….Results speak for themselves. When I joined [the industry], I knew very little about the industry and had a great deal to learn. Under his
leadership I was International Rookie of the Year, and followed the next two years as top ten President’s Club for both leadership and individual contribution worldwide. Eight years later many lessons learned are still applied with great success”.    Chris Ciulla, Manager, Robert Half International

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