“LinkedIn Recruiter” Pro Workshop

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Learn About Our Complete LinkedIn Mastery Program Here Free Webinar-Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn


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“LinkedIn Recruiter” Pro Virtual Workshop


 You Made A HUGE Investment In LinkedIn Recruiter,

But I Bet You Aren’t Getting Your Money’s Worth!

LinkedIn Training what you get

*2 ½  hour session with access to replay webinar recordings for 3 full months!

*Full color Download PDF, showing you step by step instructions on how to master the platform

*Complete mp3 Audio download to own for life!

*CPE Certificate available upon request and completion.

*Complete Email support for all of your LinkedIn Recruiter Training Q&A. 

Workshop Syllabus


xtremerecruiterproYou spent the money and sure, you are making placements, but do you really feel that you are getting the most out of LinkedIn Recruiter? It’s time for you to recoup the investment! This will teach them how to truly Source like a master and source using the tools that ONLY LinkedIn Recruiter provides!

The fact is, over and over, I have seen my clients having the same problems.  They know they  can get more out of the platform, but don’t know where to begin.  After spending a lot of time with many different clients, I began to see a similar theme in all of them. Exactly what they weren’t using to maximize the system!

I will share in a comprehensive 2 ½ session, all of the tapped potential in LinkedIn Recruiter.  This includes much of the session being “live” on the internet, browsing through the LinkedIn Recruiter portal.

Have you or your team pause and work on the techniques, tips and tricks that I share!

I’ll share the most common mistakes people make! Including how they are completely sourcing incorrectly with this platform! How and why they MUST use the 50 saved searches that ONLY come with LinkedIn Recruiter.  I’ll also cover the key secrets to attacking the system using the built in faceted filtering system, as well as giving each student a great understanding of the VOLTRON search engine that also drives LinkedIn Recruiter.

The power behind the seat’s built in algorithm.

Un-tapping the potential of the Projects section.

Understanding and really using some of the key features, including the “Update Me” tab.

Learning how and why they need to use Google’s Xray search to find the hidden gems within LinkedIn.

Learn how to really use the InMail built in templates to truly get the 50-70% response rate that they should be getting!!! The industry average, even without LinkedIn Recruiter is around 20-25%? Is your team doing better? They should be!

and so much more!



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Learn About Our Complete LinkedIn Mastery Program Here Free Webinar-Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn


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