LinkedIn Xtreme Mastery Virtual Workshops

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Sourcing Mastery Only Package Click Here Using “LinkedIn Recruiter”? Click Here Free Webinar-Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn



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LinkedIn Xtreme Mastery Virtual Workshop

8 Sessions/12 Hours of Comprehensive LinkedIn Training

Sourcing Mastery Only Package Click Here Using “LinkedIn Recruiter”? Click Here

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Free Webinar-Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn

It’s like a college mini course for LinkedIn

If you only do one Linkedin training this year, this is the one!

I literally went from the 8th page of ranking results to the first page on my first day of the program!

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LinkedIn is a MUST for any recruiter to MASTER.  Not JUST using it, but truly becoming a MASTER! Whether you are Recruiter, Staffer or Owner of a recruiting firm or whether you are an internal Corporate HR Recruiter, this is THE LinkedIn Training course for you! There is simply no other product like this on the market! Over 10 hours of courses ALL devoted to LinkedIn Mastery! This is truly the MOST COMPREHENSIVE training that you will find! Just check out our workshop syllabus, below and be prepared to be blown away!

LinkedIn Training what you get

*Eight Complete TURNKEY LinkedIn Training workshop sessions with access to replay webinar recordings for 3 full months!

*Over 12 Hours Of LinkedIn Training Tips, Secrets and Strategies.

*Full color Download PDF with over 300 slides, showing you step by step instructions.

*Complete mp3 Audio download to own for life!

*CPE Certificate available upon request and completion.

*Complete Email support for all of your LinkedIn Training Q&A. 

Workshop Syllabus

Linkedin Training syllabus

Session 1-Overview, Strategy & LinkedIn Premium Key tools

75 Minutes

Linkedin Training puzzleDetermining your overall strategy & four key strategic pillars.

LinkedIn Site key statistics.

What you get and why you need to upgrade

The four most valued features on LinkedIn.

the four areas LinkedIn has been most helpful to users.

Plan comparisons.

How to take advantage of all of the hidden Premium bells and whistles and other “hidden” features.

“LinkedIn Recruiter” -What do you get above the Premium accounts.

All Premium Features Explained in-depth & How to maximize their usage:Linkedin Training Premium accounts

*More Search Results
*Premium Search Filters
*Advanced Search
*Expanded Profile Views
*Who viewed your profile expanded visibility analytics
*Saved Search Alerts
*Getting Introduced
*Names of 3rd Degree connections
*Reference Search
*Unlimited Incoming Mail

Session 2-The Profile That Wins Business & Attracts Candidates

90 Minutes

Linkedin training ProfileLearn the secret behind how LinkedIn ranks your profiles and keywords!

Understanding LinkedIn Keyword Algorithms to show up at the top of their search results often!

The Top 3 Criteria LinkedIn uses to Rank you and exactly how.

What areas of the profile rank higher than others.

What areas don’t rank at all.

How you need to use LinkedIn DIFFERENTLY than Google.

Using the right settings as a recruiter with SEO secrets to get found.

Where you should be putting in the right keywords.

How to completely re-arrange your profile for the most effectiveness & impact.

Understanding all of the new tools and add-ons that LinkedIn provides to make your profile POP!

See what you summary page is missing and how to use it to drive more clients and candidates.

Recommendations & Endorsements-Strategic use and how to arrange for maximum impact.

How to massively increase your profile and company visibility.

Understanding and using the Media Features and Projects sections.

Learn how to truly shamelessly promote yourself.

How to use LinkedIn to overcome ALL of your marketing objections.

Learn about hidden features in your profile that you never knew were there!

Session 3-Making & Growing Your Connections and Your Reach

90 Minutes

connectingsmallcroppedHow to really Truly maximize and approach your connections to over 2,000 QUICKLY.

Where to find your connections and how you should be making contact!

Connection secrets through the LinkedIn Groups.

Compelling Messages that work and get you real connections.

How to avoid getting locked out or blocked and how to maximize your 3,000 invitation limit.

Crafting & Using Word docs to automate your connections and follow-up and other marketing tips.

Organizing & Maximizing your Network.

How to Segment and Organize all of your connections & Prospects!

How To Take Advantage of the “Profile Organizer” in depth.

Creating tags and saved profiles in detail.

Detailed use of the notes and comments functionality.

Learn to use LinkedIn like Your CRM/ATS.

Tips to hide unnecessary connections from ever showing up while still remaining connected.

See how and why you need to Export and use your connections via 3rd party Email service Providers.

Linking & Syncing your mobile device to the LinkedIn platform.

Session 4-Group Mastery-Joining & Creating Groups

90 Minutes

Joining Groups

How to really use and take advantage of all 50 LinkedIn Groups.Linkedin training groups

How to strategically structure the right mix of Groups.

Large VS Small Groups/ Pros & Cons.

How to strategically VET your groups with in-depth analysis.

See how and why to vet By:

Activity, Demographics, Growth, Seniority, Function, Location & Industry.

Learn all of the features of the group statistics & analytics.

See what you should be doing in groups to unlock their full potential

What is “LinkedIn Pulse” and how you need to use it for your group content.

Key group settings-Frequency of emails and more.

Secrets on how to post in seconds to ALL of your groups frequently.

Creating Groups

Why you need to create your Own groups NOW and why this MUST BE your top priority!

What types of groups you need to create & why!

Why most groups fail and how you can do it the right way!

Step by Step “How To” on creating, managing & moderating your groups.

How to put your group on autopilot with the usage of Templates and other features.

How to auto populate group activity with Auto Job Feeds TARGETED to your users for that specific group.

How to manage groups and group admin secrets and tips.

How to moderate the right way and create the right settings.

Key tips on how to massively promote & grow your groups!

Session 5-How To Search and Source Like A Master

3 Hours

Linkedin Training Sourcing

Why Recruiters must be different than other users.

Examine the various approaches to sourcing.

Mastering and really understanding Keywords and key tips to always use the right ones for laser targeted sourcing.

Learn how to create the RIGHT LinkedIn keywords using free online tools and information that LinkedIn makes easy for you to grab!

Understand HOW the  LinkedIn “Volton” search engine really works!

Although you start looking at the first result on the first page after a search, you’ll see why this is not getting you the best result!

Advanced Search in detail with LIVE web surfing training.  Learn why you MUST use the advance search every time and the key differences between the same field on the left VS those on the right!

Learn how the “Faceted Filtering” system has built in tricks and secrets to source like you have never thought of!

Learn how to follow the behavior of your network to also source like you have never before.

Reference Search– How and why you need to use this tool and how it will make “cold calling” obsolete for you!

See why your saved search strings in Word aren’t producing the right results at all!

How to use InMail to source. Learn why most of you only get a 20% response rate and how to easily double or even triple InMail response rate!  Learn the best time and days to message and the best structure of the InMail.

Tricks to let the system to the heavy lifting.

How to source by using the competition.

See how critical is to source by “Employer”!

Using your team to maximize your reach.

Understand LinkedIn’s Search Engine VS Google’s and why you need to use BOTH!

Learning and using LinkedIn’s Search engine for hidden secrets  YOU NEVER KNEW, right inside of LinkedIn

Why to start with LinkedIn first and THEN use Google.

How to use Google search to uncover millions of hidden gems inside of LinkedIn using Google “Xray” Search

Boolean Search Mini Mastery.

Simple Boolean commands to master.

MUST USE in-depth advanced Boolean Commands that will enable you to laser target like a master and remove “false positives” in your results!

Sample IT pre-created advanced search strings.

How to source when someone only has a picture (because they are out of your network or have set their profile to “private”)

How to find outdated resume or pages using google, even if the candidate has taken down the page and has become even more “passive”

Many other key Sourcing tips and secrets.

Session 6-The Best LinkedIn Company Page

One Hour

Why you need multiple Company pages and how they REALLY work!Linkedin Training Company page

Learn, in detail, how to set up the Company Pages, utilizing all of its great features to create a killer company profile page.

How to increase its visibility to increase your revenues.

Learn how to show off and promote all of your products, services & other goodies.

Increase brand awareness by learning how to create free rotating banners.

Learn all about the Showcase Pages.

How to specifically create targeted showcase pages for different audiences and users!

How to use the advanced marketing and SEO features of the company pages with KEY SEO secrets.

“The Top Fatal Company Page Mistakes” that most of you make!

Session 7-Advertising Methods on LinkedIn

One Hour

Linkedin Training advertise

Advertising VS Sourcing.

Why Sourcing beats any type of advertising every time.

Learn all of the detailed methods (free & Paid) to get your jobs posted and viewed! Step by step instructions for the following:

*Paid LinkedIn Job Postings.

*LinkedIn Groups Jobs Section.

*Company Page openings.

*Your Own Profile.

*Your own Status Updates.

*Paid LinkedIn Targeted Banner Ads.

*Other Ad Posting Methods.

Session 8-Advanced LinkedIn Marketing Tips

One Hour

marketing-magnetsmallcroppedHow to gain visibility everywhere!

How to increase LinkedIn SEO.

How to create Inbound SEO links to your other sites.

“Strategies You Never Thought Of”.

Common LinkedIn Mistakes.

Twitter Feeds From LinkedIn & More…

Stalking the competition.

Using LinkedIn Polls.

Key intelligence gathering.

Fourteen Fatal Mistakes You Are Probably Making On LinkedIn.


Purchase Below or Below The Video On The Top Right

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Free Webinar-Fatal Mistakes You Are Making On LinkedIn Using “LinkedIn Recruiter”? Click Here

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