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Virtual University Perm Boot Camp


(We also offer Contracting/Staffing Virtual Classes)

Need to get your people trained, but don’t have the budget??! Save Time! No Travel Expense! No Meal Expense! No Hotel Expense! No Transfers! No Nothin’.. Other Than World Class Training right from your desk! If you don’t have the budget for a live boot camp or training session, then this is the best solution for you.  No need to have information shoved at you over two days.. With my virtual Class, you or your team will work directly with me and will have the information, secrets and tools given to them over a five week period! That’s fifteen hours of training, plus allows them time to digest and work on each segment! Classes will be very limited in size to allow for direct interaction! This isn’t a webinar series. This is a LIVE classroom, where I will be working directly with the class-Teaching, RolePlaying & Discussing! You all know that great training is KEY to making perm billers more successful.  Just one extra placement will pay for the tuition MANY TIMES OVER! .. and you know that an extra placement will EASILY happen!  Take advantage of the latest technology and allow your billers to do even more (and show them that you are investing in them!) Neil Lebovits, Fortune 500 executive and Perm biller extraordinaire will teach you theproven tricks and secrets to incredible results in the permanent placement business.   Neil started his career in permanent placement for one of the world’s largest specialized placement firms.  He quickly became one of the Rookie Billers of the year. He was later promoted to running his division and later, as Branch Manager, was able to not only transform his branches, but also maintain the top billings in them. What Neil has to share will pay for itself MANY times over!  There is simply NOBODY else out there who has his global experience, approach and wisdom. Well, you guessed it.  You can!  Check out our dates below and sign up before they sell out! Neil has retired from his mega successful & lucrative corporate career in the staffing & recruiting industry.  He is pursuing his passion and dream to help teach others what has brought him wealth, joy and security.  He is done with the global travel and with the 9-5 grunt. As such, Neil will conduct only a handful of targeted seminars and enjoy the rest of the time with his family and friends.  So, act now. This is REALLY something that you don’t want to miss out on. If you still aren’t convinced that this is THE RIGHT investment for you, then make sure that you sign up for his free online training course, where you will receive 8 weeks of Videos and E-books.  You will learn great, free material and will get a first hand glimpse into the mind and style of Neil- His humor, energy, content and approach.  We are so convinced that you will want to see Neil after watching this course, that we spent months of work offering this to you for free.  The course is valued at thousands of dollars and is yours for free!

Topic Highlights (10 sessions with over 15 hours of content)


  • Sales Mastery Overview Course-Critical Sales lessons to weave into everything that we do! Learn how to really close more job orders and sendouts learning how to uncover key hot buttons and selling points! We’ll cover advanced prepping, briefing and more!
  • Marketing call and cold call dissection- The scripts and calls that work, whether you use an MPC or relationship based approach! Learn how to really differentiate yourself and make a call that truly gets results!  We will work on your cold calling technique with great tips and role plays over two full sessions!
  • Objection Handling Boot Camp- A full session on critical objections and the best way to handle them, along with Neil’s proven methodology. The 2nd session will be complete role plays along with the best responses for any situation!
  • Advanced Perm Fee Negotiations. A separate session simply geared to assuring you get your fees up today!
  • Advanced prospect Management- learn the keys to balancing your desk and making sure that the targets you call are very targeted and focused!
  • Advanced Lead generation and tools- Learn the real secret to mastering a perm desk and never having to make real “cold calls” ever again!
  • Sourcing & Recruiting Calls made easy!

… Neil is one of the most dynamic and energetic speakers I have ever heard. I came to the staffing industry with only one year of experience under my belt 16 years ago. ..I was fortunate enough to have been thrown into weekly training sessions led by Neil. He encouraged and insisted on a ton of involvement and participation from the group.  He worked with us on “real time” issues and objections we were dealing with on a day to day basis and the results we produced as a team when we heeded his advice were astounding. .  Neil’s ability to present the material is really unlike any other trainer in the industry. Not only is Neil is so dynamic and passionate but has an amazing sense of humor and he absolutely utilizes it when presenting….you will not only learn a ton but you will be very entertained in the process.I attribute a huge part of my success as a recruiter to what I have learned from Neil”. -Lynn Dimitro, Executive Recruiter


I can credit much of my success to [Neil’s] efforts. Neil is an expert on training and motivating people, most important, his approach is easily translated to a sales process that is easy to follow. Many trainers are full of good ideas and are good speakers, Neil takes it to the next level by showing teams the way to win as part of their daily routine. Add to that that he is by far the best public speaker I have ever met and and you have a resource that can add value to any business….Results speak for themselves. When I joined [the industry], I knew very little about the industry and had a great deal to learn. Under his leadership I was International Rookie of the Year, and followed the next two years as top ten President’s Club for both leadership and individual contribution worldwide. Eight years later many lessons learned are still applied with great success”. Chris Ciulla, Manager, Robert Half International

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