Signature Back Office Services

Professional & Clerical Back Office Staffing at a Flat 22% Pay Markup!**

Free Palingenesis 30 session Employee Bootcamp- Ongoing, free and amazing!

Free Premium Media Library– Valued at $3,500, as seen here


NO START UP FEES EVER & You Get Paid Weekly (even if clients didn’t)

Free Employee Palingenesis Bootcamp & Premium Media Library with Only two contractors.

If only one, chose which you prefer!

The only COMPLETE Suite Of Training & Back Office Support Services For Staffing Companies

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You tell client companies to let you handle their staffing needs and all that entails- such as recruiting, screening, possibly training, and paying workers so your clients can concentrate on providing their product or service.

Well, isn’t it time to take your own advice?

Our back office solution is your back office solution. But with at some extra tremendous benefits. You don’t have to maintain it, fix it, or update it!  You also get our entire Premium Medium Library and/or our Palingenesis Employee Training Boot Camps,  plus Deal By Deal Mentoring with Neil Lebovits! ALL FOR FREE!

The Signature Back Office Solution enables the staffing company owner to concentrate on generating higher revenues and margins and doing what they do best — selling their services in their local market. Signature handles the rest! Not only do we provide amongst the lowest pricing in the industry, but you also get all of the training and guidance, as shown above.  There is no other package deal like this!

back office enroll

 Signature provides:

  • Simple fixed/Payroll based markup pricing for your back office.  No cheating you out of high markups by charging you a percentage of your billings! Professional and Clerical Staffing at a Flat 22% Markup!**
  • We remit 100% advanced gross profit checks weekly, regardless of whether the client paid or not!
  • Web-based technology to manage the application/screening process for hiring new employees. We support English and Spanish back office enrollments.
  • All new hire forms are filled out online and digital signatures are captured.
  • Skills testing for prospective employees. Test results are emailed immediately upon completion.
  • Furnishing and maintaining state-of-the-art software for all back-office functions.
  • Issuing paychecks directly to your field workers as well as your own full-time staff.
  • Financing your payroll.
  • Invoicing your clients.
  • All insurance coverages including workers’ comp.
  • Group benefits plans for both your full-time and field staff.
  • And even local marketing support to help you focus your marketing efforts.
  • Branding your invoices with The Dynamic Sale/Signature and your company brand, if desired.

The Dynamic Sale-Signature partners with independent recruiters and staffing companies to provide a complete back office Solution. Our solutions include providing access to workers’ compensation and unlimited payroll funding if needed.

Signature, the JV Partner with The Dynamic Sale, will serve as the employer of record to staffing companies, providing an integrated back-office solution that includes the following:




  • Underwriting potential customers from a credit and workers’ compensation risk perspective.
  • Human resource management and support.
  • Payroll and tax administration.
  • Billing and collections.
  • Unlimited payroll funding.
  • National workers’ compensation program.
  • Risk management Benefits to Employees. Employees are offered affordable benefits and access to unique programs.
  • Limited benefit health plans.
  • Life insurance.
  • Direct deposit.

Benefits To Staffing Firms

  • Get your Employees trained for FREE for Both Direct Hire and Temporary/Contract.
  • Deal By Deal Mentoring with Neil Lebovits-Help with determining bill rates, pricing, conversion fees and more!
  • Eliminate costly insurance deposits.
  • Pricing includes professional liability.
  • Pricing includes fidelity bonding that covers acts of dishonesty, including third-party coverage. (The ee’s do not have to be found guilty before coverage begins.)
  • Unlimited payroll funding-optional.
  • Expanded benefit plan for ee’s.
  • Access to national workers’ compensation.
  • program (HR, payroll, tax, and W/C compliance efficiencies).
  • Access to web-based on boarding software.
  • Access to online skills testing.
  • Low cost felony background checks.

Professional and Clerical Back Office Staffing at a Flat 22% Markup!**

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** 22% Markup is for Professional or Clerical Staffing (WC Code 8810) for Pay Rates above $25/hour. Markup will be 24% for anything lower.  The state of California has a 0.75% surcharge (22.75% or 24.75%)


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