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Full-service staffing company in Dallas / Fort Worth:

 “I don’t even have to worry about it.”

Brad is a very experienced staffing executive. With almost 35 years in the staffing industry – almost 25 years with two national firms and then ten years with his own firm. His firm was in the top-25 in the Dallas/Fort Worth market and annually was issuing around 5,000 W-2 forms at his peak. So he understands all the ins and outs of running a staffing company – the workers’ compensation issues, risk management, credit and cash flow – all the “pieces of the puzzle” as he says.

Signature is his back-office partner for his latest venture, which is a different kind of staffing firm. He took the manufacturers’ rep concept and has applied it to the staffing industry. They do it all – temporary help, search, training, HR consulting, or just background checks depending upon his client’s needs. Using Signature simplifies the business dramatically. In the founder’s words, Signature handles “the clutter of the business” that frees him up significantly so he can spend time on client development and relationship building.

“I highly recommend Signature to any other privately held service looking for ways to restructure in a way to grow the business. Whenever we need to back-office piece – handling the payroll, taxes, invoicing, etc. – Signature handles it professionally. I don’t even have to worry about it.”

Temporary help services in Memphis:

“Outsource the headache with running a staffing company.”

Dean has been in the staffing business for three decades, including 15 years as a regional VP for Norrell Services. She knows it’s hard to find time to ‘do it all’ and, being the knowledgeable professional with 30 years experience in the staffing industry, you have to spend lots of time to do it right – “time you could be making sales calls.”

She made the transition for her $3.5 million firm to Signature in a week. “The invoices are great — there are never problems. If the invoice is correct, everything else is correct such as paychecks and you get speedy turnaround with payments. They keep me abreast of what’s being paid and the current aging of accounts.”

When a client leaves out a timesheet, Signature can rectify the situation immediately, which makes for a happy and productive workforce.

Maybe it’s time for you to take Dean’s advice and “Outsource the headache with running a staffing company” to Signature!

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